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We were taught that certain things in life are facts. Fundamental truths that needed no further investigation. If that is the case, then those things will stand up to questioning and inquiry. If they are deceptions, it won't be simple to uncover them because the system has been built specifically to hide what I am looking for. Nothing bad can come from asking questions. My inquiries can have only two possible outcomes... 1) I confirm that what we were taught is, in fact , the truth or 2) That I uncover a massive deception that has been enslaving humanity for as long as any of us can remember. I apologize if my questions bother you. I understand that you have faith in men and what they have told you. That is great for you and your life but this is mine. I will choose to believe what these men say, when the evidence presented, is believable. Until then, you can expect the inquiries to continue. I can't promise you I will always be right.... but I promise you I will always be honest.