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Simply Nailogical

Simply Nailogical



Holo everyone, it's me Cristine. I'm not like other nail art channels. ***THIS CHANNEL CONTAINS SARCASM AND HOLOSEXUALLY EXPLICIT CONTENT. VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED.*** WATCH MY VIDS, LISTEN TO SOME JOKES, HAVE FUN BEFORE YOU DIE, AND HEY, MAYBE LEARN A THING OR TWO ABOUT NAILS. Follow me everywhere, cause you're a stalker: Instagram: @simplynailogical Instagram feature account: @simplynotlogical My cats' Instagrams: @menchiethecat @zylerthecat Snapchat: simplynailogica (no "L"!) Facebook: Simply Nailogical Twitter: @nailogical Tumblr: @simplynailogical Send me whatever you want! Nail polish, drawings of my cat Menchie, locks of your hair, anything goes (please skip illegal contraband)! Cristine / Simply Nailogical P.O. Box 35051 Westgate Ottawa, ON K1Z 1A2 CANADA (Companies: Please contact me first, ty!)