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(GoT) Sandor Clegane || A Real Warrior

Zurik 23M 

2 months ago 990,671 views

GoT Rewind: Sandor Clegane

Kevin GT

2 years ago 476,391 views

Game of thrones S04E01 - Arya Stark and the Hound

valar morghulis

5 years ago 4,498,496 views

Game of Thrones - Best of the Hound

Daemon Blackfyre

3 years ago 4,785,140 views

History and Lore of Westoros - House Clegane

The Hound and the Little Bird

6 years ago 487,005 views

The Hound Takes Revenge On The Brotherhood Outlaws


3 years ago 3,977,720 views

GoT Rewind: Gregor Clegane

Kevin GT

2 years ago 3,332,087 views

Got Rewind: Gregor Clegane (Season 4)

Kevin GT

4 years ago 812,639 views

The Hound vs The Mountain [HD]


7 years ago 2,655,536 views