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Idina Menzel - Defying Gravity


7,809 views 6 years ago

Best DISNEY & WICKED Musicals on Got Talent | Got Talent Global

Got Talent Global 

2,073,604 views 2 years ago

FROZEN | Let It Go Sing-along | Official Disney UK

Disney UK 

1,832,965,932 views 5 years ago

Idina Menzel Surprises 11-Year-Old Superfan


3,803,007 views 2 years ago

Jimmy Fallon, Idina Menzel & The Roots Sing "Let It Go" from "Frozen" (w/ Classroom Instruments)

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon 

28,464,596 views 5 years ago

Rent (2005) OST Take Me or Leave Me


4,058,486 views 7 years ago

Idina & Kristin - Tony's 2004 - Defying Gravity


1,462,888 views 13 years ago