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2019 Tesla Model S - Review & Road Test

Kelley Blue Book 

2 months ago 432,118 views

I Got A Tesla Model S Instead Of My Dream Car.


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2018 Tesla Model S – The Original EV Game Changer

Redline Reviews 

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First drive on my Tesla Model S 100D


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Tesla Model S - Official Walkthrough HD

Teslafinity - Sustainable Progress

6 years ago 3,475,970 views

Tesla Model S (2017) Crash Tests


2 years ago 3,440,186 views

Model 3 vs Model S: The Ultimate Tesla Battle

Jon Rettinger 

1 year ago 341,420 views

My Tesla Model S Wrap Upgrade!


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Tesla Model S P100D Impressions!

Marques Brownlee 

2 years ago 1,953,714 views

Why You Should Buy A Tesla Model S!


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