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The $3000 Sony Aibo Robot Dog

Unbox Therapy 

10 months ago 7,172,334 views

Sony Aibo ERS-1000 Unboxing!


10 months ago 346,468 views

Our New Dog, AIBO: Pet Replacement Robot?!

Erica Griffin 

2 months ago 214,912 views

NEW Sony Aibo Robot Dog Unboxing

steev the technophile

Streamed 6 months ago 2,653 views

New Sony Aibo Dice Unboxing with Bolt

steev the technophile

6 months ago 8,016 views

Unboxing Sony Aibo ERS 7M2


1 year ago 2,774 views

Patrol Software Sony Aibo ERS-1000 Software Update

steev the technophile

Streamed 3 months ago 785 views

aibo unboxing アイボを開封

Suberunet LINEトーク動画

1 year ago 4,395 views

Unboxing Sony Aibo Robot Dog ERS-1000


6 months ago 504 views

Sony Aibo Unboxing


2 months ago 23 views

$8000 Robot Unboxing!

Unbox Therapy 

4 years ago 6,729,934 views

Sony's robot dog Aibo vs. a real puppy

Washington Post 

9 months ago 243,518 views

Sony AIBO ERS-110 unboxing


1 year ago 4,394 views