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What Made The Black Death (The Plague) so Deadly?

The Infographics Show 

5,243,952 views 1 year ago

Plague 101 | National Geographic

National Geographic 

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Black Death (2011) - Official Trailer [HD]


4,089,087 views 9 years ago

Could the Black Death (The Plague) Happen Again?

The Infographics Show 

5,398,969 views 2 years ago

Secrets of the Black Death - by Nature Video

nature video 

262,266 views 8 years ago

The Worst Fish in America: Asian Carpocalypse

VICE News 

5,328,118 views 5 years ago

The Black Death


655,403 views 7 months ago

What if the Black Death Never Happened?


2,248,226 views 4 years ago

Disease! Crash Course World History 203


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What is the plague?


314,611 views 4 years ago

What Is the Black Plague... And Should You Be Worried?

Gross Science 

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Why Plague Doctors Wore Strange Masks

Smithsonian Channel 

310,314 views 9 months ago