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The Maury Show | I'm Back For My Third DNA Test.. Is This My Baby?


2 years ago 446,705 views

Who Am I? ‘The Real’ DNA Results, Part 2

The Real Daytime 

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Momondo: The DNA Journey | Ancestry


3 years ago 4,229,147 views

Different DNA Results for Triplets Using At-Home Tests?

The Doctors 

2 years ago 1,588,716 views

Do Her TWINS Have DIFFERENT Dads - 3rd & 4th DNA Tests


7 years ago 2,418,463 views

He wants a DNA test...I say bring it on! | The Maury Show


11 months ago 169,330 views

All I want for my birthday are my DNA results! | The Maury Show


7 months ago 414,484 views

Unexpected DNA Results Blow Up (The Steve Wilkos Show)

The Steve Wilkos Show

1 year ago 519,776 views

Maury: White parents black kids DNA TEST **FUNNY!**

Caz Wallace

4 years ago 4,138,198 views