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iPhone XR: iOS 13!

Nick Ackerman 

1 day ago 30,244 views

iPhone XR Review: No Need to Panic!

Marques Brownlee 

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iPhone XR: a LEGJOBB iPhone idén!

Magyarósi Csaba 

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iPhone XR review: The iPhone you should buy


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iPhone XR Unboxing! All Colors


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Don’t Buy the iPhone XR in 2019

Jon Rettinger 

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iPhone XR Durability Test - is the 'cheap' iPhone weak?


9 months ago 4,084,274 views

9 اسباب لشراء الـ iPhone XR !

UpToDate | آب تو ديت 

9 months ago 879,341 views

The iPhone XR Drop Test...I Didn’t Expect This


9 months ago 4,382,581 views

Introducing iPhone XS and iPhone XR — Apple


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Apple iPhone XR review: better than good enough

The Verge 

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iPhone XR Coral Unboxing and Review!


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