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How Do IRON MAN's Repulsors Work? - Science Behind Superheroes

KLyfe - Science Behind Superheroes

43,323 views 3 years ago

Iron Man Repulsor


15,725 views 8 months ago

Metal Iron Man Helmet WITH DISPLAY!

the Hacksmith 

15,350,293 views 1 year ago

Real Arc Reactor (ionized plasma generator)

the Hacksmith 

10,901,031 views 1 year ago

Thor's Stormbreaker DESTROYS ALL (Ultimate Test Video!)

the Hacksmith 

31,068,659 views 1 year ago

Dr Strange in Real Life? (SPELLS, PORTALS & MORE)

the Hacksmith 

7,786,372 views 11 months ago

Captain America Wakandan Shield BUILD (INFINITY WAR)

the Hacksmith 

11,540,095 views 2 years ago

Could You Be Iron Man?


3,570,162 views 5 years ago

Iron Man Repulsor Version 1.0 Prototype Demo

Mike Spurgeon

3,167,557 views 7 years ago