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Exploring the 'Island of Lemurs: Madagascar'

ABC News 

413,410 views 5 years ago

True Facts: The Lemur


2,024,287 views 7 months ago

Lemur - Abendlandboogie

lemur tv

400,714 views 4 years ago

Madagascar. The Children of Lemuria (Full Documentary)

Planet Doc Full Documentaries 

121,449 views 4 years ago

How smart is a Lemur?


406,233 views 7 years ago

Lemur - Befehlskette

lemur tv

299,915 views 4 years ago

Kids Pet and Communicate with Lemur


750,128 views 3 years ago

For Ring Tailed Lemurs, the Ladies Rule | Wild Love

Nat Geo WILD 

20,954 views 1 year ago