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Nintendo Switch Games I CAN'T STOP PLAYING!


6 days ago 312,903 views

Nintendo Switch: Unboxing & Review


2 years ago 3,086,425 views

Nintendo Switch Review (2018 Update)


9 months ago 2,548,019 views

Nintendo Switch on an Airplane


2 years ago 7,855,375 views

Nintendo Switch Pro and Mini In Production?!

Commonwealth Realm 

1 week ago 111,525 views

First Look at Nintendo Switch


2 years ago 39,760,802 views

Nintendo Switch UP

Kevin Kenson 

2 weeks ago 1,287,994 views

best Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons ever

Kevin Kenson 

5 days ago 130,158 views

Don't buy a Switch right now

Kevin Kenson 

2 months ago 501,051 views