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Laser Vs Plasma Ultimate Shootout Head to head Comparison

Ramsey Customs - turbocobra

10,144 views 4 months ago

Make it Real: Zarya's Particle Cannon (PART 3/3)

the Hacksmith 

10,423,570 views 2 years ago

Treatment Upper and Lower Eyelids (blefaroplastica) with Plasmage

Brera Medical Technologies

1,392,551 views 2 years ago

Come funziona HD - taglio al plasma


272,926 views 7 years ago

Plasma cutting steel


681,927 views 4 years ago

LASER BAZOOKAS and Tesla Coil Guns!

the Hacksmith 

1,786,916 views 3 years ago

DEAD SPACE Plasma Cutter (SELFMADE) burning stuff


1,618,598 views 7 years ago