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Best Puzzle Gift Ideas for the Holidays!!

Chris Ramsay 

110,557 views 2 days ago

Solving the CAPITAL POLITICS Puzzle!!

Chris Ramsay 

203,960 views 4 days ago

FASTEST to Solve These Puzzles Gets $4000!!

Chris Ramsay 

229,954 views 1 week ago

Solving The BAFFLING Mutex Puzzle!! - Level 10

Chris Ramsay 

448,923 views 1 week ago

Reacting to Reddit Magic!

Chris Ramsay 

190,795 views 1 week ago

Fiverr Magicians?!

Chris Ramsay 

126,452 views 2 weeks ago

Solving The TYCHO Puzzle!!

Chris Ramsay 

422,985 views 3 weeks ago

Solving THE HARDEST Lock Puzzle in HISTORY!! - LEVEL 10

Chris Ramsay 

7,862,303 views 9 months ago

10 Puzzles That Look Easy But Are Actually Impossible!


2,055,507 views 2 months ago

Solving The IMPOSSIBLE TITAN Puzzle!!

Chris Ramsay 

1,697,888 views 2 months ago

1000 Piece Puzzle in 3 Minutes

Word of Advice TV

140,655 views 2 years ago