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We Painted the Walls our Skin Color

Rhett & Link 

1,616,787 views 5 days ago

We Rode Bikes On The LA River

Rhett & Link 

691,082 views 1 week ago

Link Uses a Knife

Rhett & Link 

814,428 views 2 weeks ago

We Play Disc Golf With A Tortilla Frisbee

Rhett & Link 

662,852 views 3 weeks ago

We Found A Creature In Link's House

Rhett & Link 

988,264 views 1 month ago

Our New House Tour!

Rhett & Link 

1,025,488 views 1 month ago

Rhett Cooks Beans for Link

Rhett & Link 

1,131,279 views 1 month ago

We Call Our Mutual Ex Girlfriend

Rhett & Link 

1,111,505 views 2 months ago

Our Dogs Meet a Cat For The First Time

Rhett & Link 

1,182,773 views 2 months ago

Chewiest Food In The World Taste Test

Good Mythical Morning 

745,082 views 1 day ago

Nasty Condiment War Challenge (Quarantine Episode)

Good Mythical Morning 

1,212,968 views 3 days ago

My OCD (Song)

Rhett & Link 

54,478,703 views 5 years ago

International Candy Taste Test

Good Mythical Morning 

6,943,430 views 2 years ago

I'm On Vacation (Song)

Rhett & Link 

30,617,603 views 5 years ago

Will It Ice Cream? Taste Test

Good Mythical Morning 

12,025,085 views 3 years ago

American vs. Canadian Snacks Taste Test

Good Mythical MORE 

1,065,587 views 4 months ago

Surprising Food Combos Taste Test

Good Mythical Morning 

1,735,754 views 1 week ago

Rhett Showers at Link’s House

Rhett & Link 

1,374,519 views 2 months ago

Epic Rap Battle: Nerd vs. Geek

Rhett & Link 

46,932,844 views 6 years ago

Rhett & Link Taste and Review Popeyes' Spicy Chicken Sandwich (Extended Interview)

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon 

1,267,634 views 5 months ago

British Food Taste Test ft SORTEDfood

Good Mythical Morning 

9,031,987 views 5 years ago