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World’s Heaviest Kid Loses 220lbs | TRULY

Barcroft TV 

2 months ago 3,973,608 views

World's LONGEST Lightsaber


11 months ago 53,981,539 views

World's Lightest Solid!


2 weeks ago 13,073,204 views

The world’s longest tongue - Guinness World Records 2015

Guinness World Records 

4 years ago 13,614,985 views

LEGO Worlds Gameplay - First 20 Minutes! (Quick Play)


2 years ago 724,567 views

Cheer Extreme Sr Elite Worlds Send Off 2019 Full Out

Cheer Extreme 

1 month ago 100,413 views

World's LARGEST Laser Gun!


6 months ago 22,854,804 views

The worlds largest trucks

Awesome Earthmovers

4 years ago 4,595,856 views