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How to Make a Blaze Farm in Minecraft | Minecraft Blaze Farm Tutorial | Survival Friendly Farm

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Blazes give high XP and also drop Blaze rods which are a crucial resource in Minecraft. This Survival Friendly Blaze Farm will show you how to get LOTS of them! In todays video, I am going to take you through a great and easy blaze farm design that will allow you to gather XP and Blaze rods fast. This Minecraft Tutorial will take you through step by step, block by block on how to make a blaze farm in Minecraft that is relatively survival friendly. You can DOWNLOAD this world RIGHT HERE to get the very best and easiest idea of how to build this farm in your own world Come and play with this yourself and let me know what you think: it uses a little redstone so it is Redstone active, however the system is simple so uses easy redstone to get your blaze XP and blaze rods. This Minecraft farm needs to be built in the nether, but I show you how to successfully build the farm as safely as possible in survival Minecraft. Part of my Farm tutorial series. Don't miss out on all the other farms I have made for you including an Iron farm, a gold farm, a meat farm, a food farm, sugar cane farm slime farm and many more. The Farm Tutorial series can be found here: This is a simple blaze farm that is easy to build in survival Minecraft with the correct resources *** A FAMILY FRIENDLY CHANNEL WITH NO SWEARING A CHILD FRIENDLY ENVIRONMENT *** ITs a great minecraft tutorial made in creative by with survival minecraft in mind. Dont miss the first few episodes of my Survival Lets Play Minecraft series: Don't miss Episode 1: or Episode 2: or Episode 3: or Episode 4: or Episode 5: or Episode 6: or Episode 7: or Episode 8: or Episode 9: or Episode 10: or Episode 11: or Episode 12: *** Dont forget to follow me on Social Media Twitter: @Avomance Insta: Avominecraft Facebook: Avomance Minecraft Snapchat: Avomance *** Some other great Minecraft videos: The Farm Tutorial series can be found here: Most work on Console (XBox & Playstation). Works on MCPE. Works on Pocket Edition and Works on PC Iron Golem Farm can be found here: Mob Farm can be found here: MINECRAFT BUILDING TUTORIAL MINECRAFT TUTORIAL SURVIVAL MINECRAFT MINECRAFT LETS PLAY ITS A GREAT FAMILY FRIENDLY MINECRAFT SURVIVAL LETS PLAY WITH GREAT MINECRAFT BUILDING IDEAS Other tutorials, are available on my channel. Many more also available! No Redstone Elevator - single floor version: Please do go take a look - and hit like! There are many others to choose from too! *** Minecraft is a creative building game created by Mojang. The creators, who go by the names of Notch and Jeb in game, sold the company to Microsoft for a MASSIVE amount of money. Notch is no longer associated with the game, Jeb still is (as I write this) It allows the payer to build and mine in a format of blocks of different types to create ever more complex constructions. As the game progresses, you can combine blocks to create more useful objects to help you on your adventures. The game was made famous by creators such as Dan TDM The Diamond Minecart, Stampy, PopularMMOs, Captain Sparkles, Ssundee and LDShadowLady, Little Lizard and many more - all great YouTubers who play this amazing Minecraft game so very well. Redstone geniuses like Fed X Gaming, Mumbo, Seth and Xisumavoid also make this game great