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original song: kids see ghost by kanye west, mos def, kid cudi photo: N'1 by matthieu venot:::::: lyrics below my sister called the other day and said she loved me wsup? i called her back and said im sorry that i dont say it enough see i dont put up a front i just say what i want never let a nigga tell me i couldnt stunt pro black but this twink white i'll sign if the ink right two cribs i can sleep twice niggas swear they woke but got crust in their eyes they cant blink right these nigga fakes confident, fake show how they feel then go home and big cry cause their acne is real show them scars mutherfucka how you think they gon' heal up? scab ass niggas fucking up all the deals i got niggas tryna slander me that i knew from the start but i cant do it back to them it aint no hate in my heart yall stephen hawkings with the way that yall make moves (rip) but ima flip the channel on u niggas just tuned and watch em im real fresh prince new crib in bel air and i feel so free, cheetah print in my hair rainbow on the belt, gang shit yeah yeah hopped out that bitch had to make some room for my furs niggas picking out there victims hot potato hot potato tryna cancel me on twitter but got limits on ya data tell the engineer to turn me all the way up on the faders because everything im dropping hot as fuck like clumsy waiters ahh