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Stihl ms200t dismantling and rebuild part 1 - starting to dismantle and test

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If you are looking for aftermarket chainsaw parts, please support my channel by buying from: Disclaimer: ladies and gents, this is a CHAINSAW, working with, building and fiddling with these can KILL YOU, I am not and will not be responsible for improper technique or accidents even remotely relating to this video, please view for entertainment purposes only. This is the one many of you have been waiting for. The bolt for bolt teardown of a stihl ms200t. I am much more familiar w/ husqvarna, but I will make an exception because this is the holy grail of arborist climbing saws. My intention is the tear this saw down, test as appropriate, and possibly modify the saw a bit if possible. I will do my best to be as thorough as possible. Thanks for watching! Of note:, there should be washers along with the muffler bolts... at the 15:57 mark or so. I didn't see any, which means they are stuck inside the muffler. In part 1, I do most of the teardown, test squish ...stock at .035" ... compression on both saws was 145 and 150 psi. stay tuned for part 2