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Bikini Contest 2017 - FF Live Maple Grove Raceway Car Show

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Watch the beautiful contestants from the FastFest Live 2017 PA car show as they compete in the bikini contest to win the prize money. Comment below and let us know who's your favorite contestant is. If you enjoyed the video, subscribe below, and thank you for watching. *** Parts of the song has been erase due to a copyright claim *** Location: Maple Grove Raceway, PA Filmed by: Will Smith Edited by: Will Smith Filmed in: 4K Resolution Follow LTuned Productions Auto at: Facebook: YouTube: Google+: Website: Twitter: @LTuned2002 LTuned Productions: Facebook: YouTube: Google+: LTuned Productions Paintball: Facebook: YouTube: No affiliation with FastFest Live No affiliation with Bikini Contest Participants