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Wood chipper & Log splitter - BUILD

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Wood chipper mechanism build - 3 Phase Helical Gear Motor Restoration - You may remember that I've done similar machines before. The first was very dangerous and the second one I sold. I decided to do the third version because I have a lot of branches that take up a lot of space. After that, winter is coming and I will have to take care of firewood why a wood splitter will certainly be helpful. Machine is driven by 3kW / 4Hp 3 Phase electric helical gear motor which reduce the rotation of the mechanism to 200 rpm. The weight of this construction is about 150 - 200 kg. ----------------------------------------­­------------------------------------ Some tools I use in my constructions: Self made: Belt grinder 2x48 - Vise - Drill press STAND with COOLANT SYSTEM - KEYWAY on the LATHE - and Welder IDEAL Tecnomig 200GD Plasma cutter SHERMAN CUTTER 50 LATHE Cormak 330x770 Band saw Stiler BS 712R Drill press ZX7016 Chop saw Evolution RAGE 3 Mag drill Evolution Evo Mag 28 ----------------------------------------­­------------------------------------ Videos that you may like: - Electric Aluminum Foundry DIY - Chain Saw HACK 8 - 3HP Brushcutter - Making Electric Aluminum Foundry DIY - Making electric Roller Bender Part 1/3 ----------------------------------------­­------------------------------------ Social media: FB: Made in Poland Insta: made_inpoland ----------------------------------------­­------------------------------------ Music by YouTube library : Amazer Lazer Dark Zephyr Freefall Mission to Mars Sailing Shadows T Rexed Where The Trap Is ----------------------------------------­­------------------------------------