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CAUTION this video discusses a sensitive subject! THE TERRIBLE TRUTH ABOUT WALNUT SAUCE...

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THE TERRIBLE TRUTH ABOUT WALNUT SAUCE... PLEASE SUSCRIBE TO LINDAS CHANNEL @ McAllisterTV CAUTION this Q MEME folder discusses a sensitive subject! Q MEME: THE TERRIBLE TRUTH ABOUT WALNUT SAUCE... SHARE LOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! McAllisterTV Published on Mar 28, 2018 From the MEGA-MEME DUMP (LINK BELOW) CAUTION!!! SENSITIVE SUBJECT MATTER!!! I was obsessed with finding out what the code words “Walnut Sauce” meant. It seemed to come up a lot, when going through the WikiLeaks emails. When I started going through the MEME folders, that were part of this HUGE drop, I found the “Walnut Sauce” graphics scattered about, inside of subjects such as “Podesta” and “Obama.” In short: There’s no folder labeled “Walnut Sauce.” At first I couldn’t wait to go through these graphics (which I thought were going to be simple memes) because that way I didn’t have to use up my disk space, while at the same time I have access to this massive ARCHIVE of MAGA graphics! I saw that Q was basically calling in his drops for people to FIGHT the MSM /FAKE NEWS narrative (that we know is coming) and so I wanted to take inventory what was in there. Since I’m used to working for big television networks, I recognized this as a professionally created and organized “graphics kit” or “graphics package” as we like to say in “showbiz!” I thought: Wow! This is great! Q is not just TELLING us to go out there and support the President as much as we can…they are providing us with the TOOLS we need to do the job! Is it a great drop, with lots of graphics and backgrounds so we can make our OWN graphics if we want to? YES… but what I ALSO found inside were verifications and more clues! Since I have been obsessed with figuring out WHAT they were talking about when they referred to “Walnut Sauce,” I was shocked and horrified to see the meme of Podesta holding the Pineal Gland, which had been REMOVED from the brain. I was shocked because it hit me like a cement truck. OF COURSE these sick bastards are eating people’s BRAINS! I tell you…I felt STUPID for not seeing it right away! Of course this is the answer…of course. As Q said…some won’t be able to handle all of this. The truth is out there…but can everyone handle it? LINK TO Q MEGA-MEME DROP:!z1FCnaiA!4NS6tTnFm... Daily Blog: Broadcast Resume: Historical Crime Articles: PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO McAllister T