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Drgn King - St. Toms (Official)

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"St. Toms" off of Drgn King's new album Baltimore Crush now available on Bar/None Records Get it Here: iTunes: --LYRICS-- Do you remember we would go to church and play the pool shark, and after hours we would come back and see the band? Get down on our knees and smoke two cigarettes to the head. Make the best of that night cause tomorrow we might be dead. “All of the kids and all their friends are suicidal, and all of their mothers and their fathers bought the rifle. there’s nothing to do but sit and wait out in the sun. I want you to see oh come and see what we have done.” Cut a hole in the grass to the past and we made our way down that path to the woods where all the boys stood dumb and frightening. Said “I once was afraid but i’m seeing better days now that the future’s so exciting. It’s so much more exciting than today.”