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HOW TO MAKE ADANA IRON TOSTU - Cooking Videos How to make Adana ironing toast. If you are wondering what Adana ironing toast materials are. You should see the toast that Mahmut has made. sausages cut into cubes after breaking the egg on it. He mixes the eggs with sausage and then pours tomatoes cut into cubes. Salt and plenty of hot pepper flakes in the final. Tostçu Mahmut 's ironing toast is a very simple construction can be said very simple. Adana Ironing Toast which is made in Denizli has plenty of ingredients and its construction is very laborious. Don't forget to subscribe to our channel If you want to watch new videos first, you can subscribe to YOUTUBE channel for free. I also suggest turning on notifications. Waiting for your comments and Likes ... 5 Popular Videos 1- YOU WILL COME TO DENIZLI TO EAT THIS KEBAB - Food Videos 2- DO YOU EAT THE REAL HATAY KUNEFE? ROTARY DENIZLI TURKEY'S UGLY 3- ET DE - Cooking Videosıu7mg 4- They come to eat this kebab DENIZLI - Cooking Videos 5- WHAT YOU DID, KOKOREÇİ DAYI! ITS OILS MELTED! .. Absolutely the most delicious video albums you should watch! All Videos On This Link Food Videos Vlog Delicious Food Videos Kokorec Videos Location Videos Follow Me on Instagram ► Our web address ► Facebook Yerim Seni Denizli Group Hello I gourmet Denizli, Turkey YouTube I got a big family since I started my adventure. I give information about what you can eat in Denizli and nearby places on my channel. I'm trying to reflect all of my experiences to you. Every Tuesday I share a new video. If you want to join our family, do not forget to subscribe. Thank you for watching my video ... Contribute to Watch Videos in Other Languages See you in our new videos ... Credit: Music: #turkey #streetfood #foodvideos