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Running A Tightrope: DOOM's Most Precarious Speedrun

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Support the channel on Patreon - Support the channel on PayPal - Subscribe to my 2nd channel: Follow Looper on twitch: In this video we will take a long at one of Doom's most difficult and respected speedruns.. The Chasm. It was awesome to be able to go back and dig up the rich history on this level. I suggest you give this level a go, it's incredibly difficult. These speedruns make it look a lot easier than it really is. Please follow me on the following platforms, it really helps me! Twitter: Twitch: Discord: Music: Classic Doom: E1M5 Doom 2: The Healer Stalks Classic Doom: E1M8 Classic Doom: E1M3 Doom 2: In The Dark FTL: Lost Ship (Explore) Ecco The Dolphin: Home Bay Tetrobot and Co.:Travelling With Friends The Flinstones: Unused Song 2