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Finnegan’s Garage Ep.51: The Ramp Truck Cummins Swap Part 2…Burnouts!

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The day we’ve all been waiting for is here; after busting our butts to remove the old 454ci Big-Block Chevy engine and three-speed automatic Turbo 400 transmission from my 1973 Chevrolet C30 ramp truck and replacing it with a hopped-up Cummins 12 Valve diesel engine and 47RH four-speed automatic transmission, we finally fired up the diesel and took it for a spin. So, how does the truck run? Good question. Here is what I know after a brief test drive: it does hellacious four-wheel burnouts with minimal effort on the part of the Cummins. Thanks to the compound turbo kit from Powerdriven Diesel, the system is building 60-plus psi of boost and that translates into lots of torque. The boys are guesstimating about 650hp and 1,200 ft-lbs. At some point I’m going to have the truck weighed and tested on a local chassis dyno. If you haven’t seen episode 47 yet, take a few minutes to watch the swap happen and see how we fortified the top end of the Cummins by grooving the engine block for o-rings, installing new head gaskets, adding ARP head studs, replacing the valve springs, increasing the injector timing and fixing the dreaded death pin inside of the front cover. The engine is also backed by a modified 47RH transmission, which Powerdriven built in-house to withstand the punishment this behemoth tow rig will put it through. Two awesome things are happening in this video; first off, I’m giving away $2,500 bucks worth of tools and supplies from The kit includes just about everything you need to wire and plumb your project car. Want a shot at winning? Leave a comment below. The contest ends at 12pm on August 24th. I’ll read through every comment and pick my favorite and then post a follow up video announcing the winner. This video will also show you the last few items we checked off the ‘ol To-Do List for the Ramp Truck, which included cutting and welding the longest stainless steel exhaust system ever. Using parts from, we constructed a free-flowing four-inch diameter stainless system that runs from the engine all the way over the axle and exits at the end of the 16ft long ramp. We also wrapped up the fuel system, built new battery cables and wrapped our down pipe in heat shield material. There’s still a lot of work to be done but we are getting closer to my goal of having a reliable and efficient towing machine. If you’d like more info on any of the tools and products featured in this video then please subscribe to the following companies YouTube channels and visit their websites at: If you want some cool Finnegan Speed and Marine gear then please visit