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2019 college decisions reactions - i got into my dream school! (UCLA, columbia, berkeley, + more)

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my stats and extracurriculars video: THE CURSED SEASON OF COLLEGE DECISIONS IS FINALLY OVER! here are my moments of despair and pure joy throughout these grueling weeks. i applied to 6 universities total: 4 UC's: UCLA, Cal Berkeley, UCSD, UCI 2 Privates: Occidental College, and Columbia University my dream school was ucla and I GOT IN! YAY the majors i applied for were all over the place because i was and still am super unsure of what i want to do HAHAHAH but its fine! i think i chose it based on the strength of the school and also UCLA didn’t have an architecture option for undergrad SO i just chose based on a whim of what i might be interested! of course these majors are definitely not for sure and i will probably change them if i don’t feel confident in my interest for the subject! i also avoided choosing my major as undecided because i just heard that it wasn’t the BEST to do that online, but IN ALL HONESTY i don’t even know if that's true! SO just choose as you guys wish! also, the reason i said “stupid major” for UCSD’s aerospace engineering was because i felt as though it was really risky and “stupid” for me to choose that because it’s a really hard major to get into, since UCSD’s engineering program is very top tier and competitive to get into! i was super nervous and thought i wasn’t going to get in because it was an impacted major! I’M SORRY FOR MY BAD WORDING AND IF I OFFENDED ANYONE! i wish the best of luck to anyone who is going to apply to college in the future! you can do it! follow me on my INSTAGRAM! @gina_min