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Çok İşinize Yarayacak Zekice Düşünülmüş 3 Harika Fikir

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Hello everybody, we are back with great ideas and interesting tips that are very cleverly thought out, will work at home, make your life easier. As in the series of brilliantly thought-out ideas before that, we showed you simple and wonderful life tricks that you will have a lot of fun doing. I hope you will like it. SUBSCRIBE FREE: My Account: Facebook Page: 3 Fun Experiments to be done at home: What happens with a hot silicone gun: Wonderful Weapon Making from Paper: Hydraulic Pressing Machine With Syringe: https: //   Life Saving 4 Simple Tips: 5 Incredible Things to Do with Smartphones: ------------------------------ Wonderfully weapon-making using plastic cuffs for easy handling of pet bottles, using balloons to prevent our table from being dirty while opening our pens with pencils, and finally using tic tac candy boxes, lighters and perfume. Good looking at all of you :) Music: Bama Country Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License