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Valyrian steel: who has the swords that can defeat white walkers?

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It looks like white walkers are the big threat to Westeros in Game of Thrones Season 8 – and one of the only things that can stop white walkers are Valyrian steel swords. Where are all the Valyrian blades in Westeros, and how might they play into the future of Thrones? Subscribe: Support on Patreon: Twitter: Facebook: More Game of Thrones videos: Alt Schwift X: Alt Shift ZZZ: Buy The World of Ice and Fire: Buy A Game of Thrones (ASOIAF Book 1): Buy ASOIAF Books 1-5: Created with Adobe After Effects and a Blue Yeti USB microphone: Images and video from Game of Thrones are the property of their creators, used here under fair use. Images from The World of Ice and Fire used with permission. Art by Amok used with permission: Gerion art by kethryn, used with permission: Bloodraven art by Mike Hallstein, used with permission: References / further reading: http://nobodysuspectsthebutterfly.tum... http://nobodysuspectsthebutterfly.tum... Special thanks to the following Patrons: Jason A. Diegmueller, Reverend Xandria, @MrFifaSA, Cameron Weiss, @Vineyarddawg, Eric Louis-Dreyfus, Jason Rattray, Cynbobby Joe, Kate Lyons, Ryan Steele, Michael Appell, Thee Stevie Franchise, Matthew Elisha Williams, Otter, David Howe, Fallon Mail, Cregg Riley, Sean Ludtke, Chris Cole, LightCraft Miniature Studios, Jake Burling, Fred Petty, Chris Amolsch.