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From Car Chase to Confession: Manhunt In Sedro-Woolley (Part I)

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On September 18, 2018 Sedro-Woolley, Washington police officers were led on a high-speed chase that ended with the vehicle abandoned and the driver taking off on foot. Minus his cell phone... which had been left in the vehicle. Despite a solid attempt at a manhunt, tracking canine and all, the driver was not found. The next morning police officers picked up their suspect, found sleeping in the back seat of his girlfriend's car. He had a plausible alibi, but his ability to withstand standard police interrogation techniques was far weaker than the alibi was strong. (Not that it would have stood up to scrutiny, anyway.) Presenting the complete case, from car chase through confession. This is the first video in the series. [Because the chase was captured on body-worn camera the pursuit footage is not terribly compelling. Solid audio... with a view of a steering wheel. As noted in the video, you can skip the pursuit by jumping to 13:30. The first 50 seconds of video are a preview of what you are about to see.] This video was available early to Patreon supporters, who also now have access to Part II. Thank you! ~~~~~~ Enjoy Real World Police? Me too! But making it all happen is a full-time job and obtaining this channel's exclusive content costs well over $1,000 a month (surprise!). If you would like to financially support Real World Police — and you don't mind access to exclusive, supporter-only content — please pledge your support now, at: Patreon (recurring): PayPal (one time): Thank you!