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Yolandi Visser is Hot Stuff | I'm Hot because I'm ZEF | Die Antwoord Spin Dance Remix | New Video

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Yolandi Visser dances, spins and twirls to Hot because I'm ZEF by DJ Discjockey. A new video featuring Yolandi but the song's the same as I composed for the original video I did at .... made when Die Antwoord kindly released the vocals by Ninja and Yolandi to be remixed. This is what I came up with. AKA This is why I'm Hot AKA DIS IZ WHY I'M HOT by Die Antwoord --------------------------------- Song Title : HOT BECAUSE I’M ZEF Composed By : DJ Disc Jockey Vocals : Die Antwoord Ninja & Yo-Landi Visser Inspiration: DJ Hi-Tek (aka GOD) -------------------------------------------------------- Die Antwoord credits: DIS IZ WHY I'M HOT (zef remix) - Die Antwoord Da original version of this track is by MIMS ---------------------------------------- Source Video of Yolandi Visser at --------------------------------------- Visit my website at Twitter me at Listen to my music on SoundCloud at