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PROOF Loba is the next Apex Legend

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Season 4 of Apex Legends is underway and yet Rosie, also known as Loba, still hasn't made an appearance in the game – or has she? We've rounded up all the clues, hints, teasers and leaks about the character who could potentially be the next legend joining the Apex Games. Revenant recently became the newest character added to the roster with the arrival of Season 4, despite Respawn initially announcing Forge – who met a swift and brutal end at the hands of Revenant himself. Whether Forge is actually, really, completely dead is another conversation entirely, but after the Season 4 cinematic was released, all attention turned back to Loba. Let's recap all that we know about the next Apex Legend SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNELS: ► Dexerto Esports - ► Dexerto Call of Duty - FOLLOW DEXERTO ON SOCIAL MEDIA: ► Twitter - ► Instagram - https://instagram/Dexerto ► Facebook - ► YouTube -