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Java Project Tutorial - Make Login and Register Form Step by Step Using NetBeans And MySQL Database

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Full Java Project Tutorial Step by Step In NetBeans With MySQL Database ▶ Source Code: ------------------ Check out my Java Projects! -------------------- ▶ Inventory Management System - ▶ Java Project For Beginners - ▶ Students Information System - ▶ Contacts Management System - ▶ Hotel Management System - ▶ Real Estate Management System - ▶ All My Programming Projects Here - ▶ My Source Code Store Here - ------------------------------------ Project Description ------------------------------------ in this java tutorial we will see how to Design a login and Register form and Connect This Two Forms With MySQL Database. What We Will Use To Build This Project ? : - Java Programming Language. - NetBeans Editor. - MySQL Database. - PhpMyAdmin. What We Will Do In This Project ? : - design the two forms using jpanels and borders. - make your own close and minimize icon using jlabel. - navigate between login form and signup form using a jlabel. - create a connection between java and mysql. - create a jbutton on each window one to login and the seconde to create a new account. - create a mysql database to store the users data. - check if the username or password are empty. - in the register jframe check if the fields are empty and if the user renter the correct password . - create a button to brose image and set the image path in a jlabel save the image as a blob in the mysql database. - check If the user enter a username that already exists. Java Swing Components We Will Use In This Project: - JFrame - JPanel - JTextfield. - JButton. - JLabel. - JRadioButton. ----------------------------------- TABLE OF CONTENT ----------------------------------- ▶ 00:00:00 The Final Result Overview ▶ 00:04:50 Create The Project File ▶ 00:06:00 Create and Design The Login Form ▶ 00:25:00 Add Images Folder To Our Project ▶ 00:41:10 Make a Placholder For The Username and Password Fields ▶ 01:18:20 Download Java Connector ▶ 01:22:44 Create The Database ▶ 01:25:00 Create The Connection Class "My_CNX" ▶ 01:33:15 Set Action To The Login Button ▶ 01:47:35 Create The Register Form ▶ 02:19:40 Make The Phone TextField Allow Only Numbers ▶ 02:22:15 Create The Browse Image Button ▶ 02:32:50 Create a Function to Verify The Empty Fields ▶ 02:41:40 Create a Function To Check If The Username Already Exist ▶ 02:49:40 Set Action To The Register Button ▶ 03:18:20 Create Two Jlabels to go From Login to Register And Form Register To Login -------------------------- JAVA Tutorials ----------------------------- ▶ Java Login and Register Form - ▶ Java Calculator In Netbeans - ▶ Java Tic Tac Toe Game - ▶ Java JTree Tutorial - ▶ Java and MySQL Tutorials Using Netbeans - ▶ Java Gui Tutorial For Beginners - ▶ Java JTable Tutorial - ▶ Create a Project In Java With MySQL - -------------------------- JAVA COURSE ----------------------------- ▶ master Java core development step-by-step - -------------------------------------------------------------------- visit our blog facebook: twitter: subscribe: programming projects with source code: C# And Java Programming Books share this video: #java #login #register #project #design #mysql #source_code