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Law's Master Plan to Defeat Kaido in Wano (One Piece Major Theory Explained Chapter 900+)

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How Trafalgar D. Law planned everything all the way back from from punk hazard capturing ceasar to Law allying up with Luffy and the straw hats to law vs doflamingo to luffy vs doflamingo to their eventual quest to Wano to fight the overpowered Yonko Kaido through the Napoleonic War, Law's epic speech meant a lot more then we thought... next One Piece Video will be an overpowered analysis on Katakuri in the honor of the luffy vs katakuri fight where i can show off my katakuri theory briefly XD One Piece Theory | Nux taku Time Stamp: One Piece Chapter 899 Follow me on Twitter: Edited by Gr4vediggers: Outro Megalovania Remix: