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Nazo takı tasarım kursu - Hapishane işi köşeli kristalli bileklik örme ve birleştirme

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Nazo jewelry design course | Crochet beaded angular crystal bracelet knitting and combining Dear followers today we will try using octagons with you and also using a crystal bead to create a square bracelet. You can find the bead string in the following bracelets. To create a bracelet, this series must be repeated in four series. I didn't specifically specify a color, you can specify the color preference according to your preference. The materials we need for this bracelet to work; 11/0 sand beads 10 grams, 100 pieces 3 crystal beads, 0.20 millimeters fishing line (this is very important, does not work with other thickness fishline rod), crochet number 19. Prison job is the order of the bead of the eight-pointed crystal bracelet. You have to repeat this layout scheme for a wristband 4 times. The beads to be removed are not specified in this diagram, you can specify the number of them. Crochet beaded angular crystal bracelet template 8 pcs set Q: I made a bracelet with an angular crystal, but it was big. What would you recommend to reduce the size slightly? A: You can expand or collapse the wristband by stacking 136 pieces of beads, 8 pieces of each row for each row, while the beads are aligned. Web page: Nazo design website: Facebook page: Instagram: Pinterest: Twitter: Nazo jewelry design society: