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Hey guys, so a lot of my new subbies don’t “know” me of course but neither does my OG SUBBIES ! I’ve never really sat down and introduced myself or a quick Q&A, you all have just learned me (very well) through these videos ! But, let my properly give you an insight of what I’m here for and what I do or wanna really do! - Any video suggestions? COMMENT DOWN BELOW or join me SUNDAY-MONDAY in our community tab! Let’s do Vlogs, pranks, challenges, subscriber dares, etc!!! - 🔎Find me on IG, TWITTER, & YT ↪️Social Media Account Links⤵️ SUBSCRIBE TO MY PERSONAL CHANNEL!! Let’s get 10K subs! CLOTHING HAULS (newest to oldest) - 15YR OLD’s CLOTHING LINE REVIEW - SHOPPING SPREE TRY ON HAUL - DOLLSKILL CLOTHING HAUL - CLOTHING HAUL|BADDIEVILLE - CLOTHING HAUL|AFRICAN MALL - BIRTHDAY OUTFIT|AFRICANMALL CLOTHING - TRY ON HAUL| SUMMER CLOTHES WHAT BROUGHT YOU HERE: Ponytail Tutorial MORE FUNNY TUTORIALS: Kylie Jenner Lip Tutorial Longer Length Eyebrows and Homemade Edges Prosthetic bun tutorial Tutorial: How to style a straight sew in Ponytail tutorial pt2 FIRST TIME EYEBROW TUTORIAL - FUNNY SKITS & VINES (latest to oldest): RECREATED OLD VINES WHEN THE TEACHER IS COOL UNTIL THE PRINCIPAL WALKS IN THAT ONE STINGY FRIEND THAT NEVER SHARES BACK WHEN HE SAYS “WE SHOULD SEE NEW PEOPLE” WHEN YOU WAKE UP TO MUSIC: CLEANING DAY CHURCH FOLKS BE LIKE CAUGHT HAVING COMPANY NOT ANSWERING WHEN YOUR MOM CALLS YOUR NAME SCROLLING THROUGH YOUR NEWSFEED BE LIKE WHEN YOUR REPORT CARD COMES WHAT YOU SAY VS WHAT YOU WANNA SAY TO PARENTS (PT.2) WHAT YOU SAY VS WHAT YOU WANNA SAY TO PARENTS (PT.1) FIRST DAY BACK FACEBOOK SINGERS SOCIAL MEDIA FRIENDS BE LIKE When You Stop Talking To a Guy The night before school Different Story Tellers When you FaceTime Bae around your girls SINGLE LIFE BE LIKE When you call your bff crying Different types of siblings... 6 Type of Sleepers 10 Type of Girls at Sleepovers MOMS OWING MONEY How Black Parents Teach "Playing" with Bae goes WRONG Put some respeck on my name Besties be like When you had that fire since 1st grade Don't judge me When You Answered The Phone, without Taking it To Your Mom ETC... my hands tired of copying and pasting but you catch my drift! Have a product or merchandise you want to get out? Business inquiry’s: EMAIL 📧 [email protected]