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REVIEW: #Alure 3 Barrel Curling Iron #BeachyWaves #BeachHair

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My Review: Heavy-duty curling iron, that's very easy to use, and has a long cord. The digital temperature is located on the handle, and big enough to read (most curling irons the temp is too small) at a glance, and with no effort. The iron heats up super fast. The size of the iron makes completing your head in minimal time. I love it. The only recommendation I could suggest, for future production, would be to make the iron bar that holds the iron while in rest larger (longer would be ideal). It's fine the way it is; however, the iron is bottom heavy and it doesn't sit flush without maneuvering about, which takes away from task, and causes a little stress thinking you may get burnt. I didn't....but using it daily, would be a fight. With that said, I still L U V this iron, and would recommend it to anyone that wants beach hair in minutes. Buy yours here: Follow me on these social media networks: #TORIngAmerica #HeyFlockers Are you a Flocker? RV Travel, Foodie and Beauty Therapist V/Blogger; Ventriloquist/Puppeteer, Dog Lover, Holiday Fashionista, Entertainer, Photographer, Travelling the USA/Canada/Mexico Are you a Flocker? Introduction TORIng America is a web based v/blog featuring USA/Canada/Mexico destinations exploring various cities and charming small towns daily life. Featuring RV travel, food/beverages, beauty therapy, ventriloquist/puppeteering entertainment, holiday demonstrations, and scenic photography and video. It begins with writer and lifestyle beauty therapist, Tori Cross in Key West discovering a couple of foxes (puppets named Levi and Ivy) landing on shore seeking a new home in America. Tori, along with her two dogs, Freckeez and Figee, begin a journey with Levi and Ivy to travel by RV in search of a place for Levi and Ivy to call home. Join them on their journey as they scout the back roads, highways and biways, meeting the backbone of America, the people of our great nation. With each turn of the RV they will discover famous landmarks, Mom & Pop Diners, museums and wherever one can find ordinary folks living and creating the extraordinary life. Watch as they eat their way through towns, States and festivals along the way. If you'd like to be included in their journey, or would like to recommend a place for them to visit, go to their website: and click on which social media best suits your needs. We hope you enjoy their journey as they travel and meet people like you and your neighbors TORIng America!