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Ariana Grande No Tears Left To Cry (Orchestral Version)

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Orchestral version of No Tears Left To Cry by Ariana Grande. I’m literally in love with this version omgggg that sound as good as the original! The audio isnt from me but from Adamusic on youtube (you really need to check his work and subscribe to his channel because he really deserves this) and the picture by Ariana.Artings on instagram (I’ve just change a little the colors, and made this in hq, go follow her too). This picture is mooooore beautiful with this Orchestral version of ntltc so that’s why I edited this and posted this. At the beginning I’ve created this video for my own pleasure, for watched this on my phone in my gallery, but i can’t be selfish and keeping this for me anymore! So, enjoy it! - NTLTC mvideo: - Stream NTLTC: - Buy NTLTC: - Original Audio: - Original Picture edit: ☕️ SUBSCRIBE for more Ariana’s vid! ☕️ _______________🗣 CONNECT WITH ME: | ➰ Twitter • | ➰ Insta •