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Harana (Complete Version) - Parokya Ni Edgar (Guitar Cover With Lyrics & Chords)

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Parokya Ni Edgar - Harana (Complete Version) Guitar Cover | Inuman Session Vol. 1 Strumming pattern: Intro: D UUD UUDUDU Verse: G-Dd DUD Cadd9-UUDU UDU Bm-DdD D Esus4-UUD E-UUDU Am-DdD D Bm-UUDU UDU Am-DdD D D-UUDU UDUDU Chorus: Cmaj7-D UUD UUD UDU Bm- D UUD UUD UDU Am-DdD D DU D-DdD D DU G-DdD D D G7- U UDU UDU Cmaj7-D UUD UUD UDU Bm-D UUD UUD UDU Am-DdD DU D-DdD D DU Esus4-DUU E-D UUDUDU Am-DdD DUUD D DU D-DdD DUUD D DU Special Thanks to Mr. Jason Rey Pedregosa for his guitar.. Hit Like/Share & Subscribe(then turn your notifications on) to my Youtube Channel for more.. :).. Thank you for watching.. I hope you enjoyed my video.. Please hit the like button and subscribe to my channel for more.. I also have a facebook page.. if you want to watch more videos, please like my facebook page on the link below.. Thank you.. Facebook: Instagram: twofacedman_x Twitter: