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DJ KATCH - The Horns

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OUT NOW: The long-awaited official release of "The Horns", that has already been supported by many world-famous DJs like Jazzy Jeff, Diplo, Skratch Bastid, The Tropkillaz, just to name a few - some even call it their "secret weapon" - has finally arrived… The chance of not having heard this tune yet, whether in a club, on the radio, or perhaps right before the Mayweather vs. Paquiao "Fight of the Century", which was screened to over 300 million people worldwide, is close to zero. - This record is a definite smash! Recently, DJ Katch was blessed to remix "The Horns" with two of his favorite artists, that he grew up listening to: The hip-hop legends Greg Nice (of Nice & Smooth) and Mr. "Let Me Clear My Throat" himself - DJ Kool. These familiar voices of some of the biggest club records ever, combined with todays State of the Art production make the perfect symbiosis, taking "the old to the new, the new to the old…" - exactly the sound DJ Katch loves to spin. ►FOLLOW WePLAY: ►FOLLOW DJ KATCH: Website: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Instagram: ► Video Credits: Director/Editor/Producer: Josef J. Weber ( Director of Photography/Colourist: Alexander Leeway Camera Assistant: Declan Reardon Gaffer: Grégoire Lière Production Manager: Amanda Deluya Makeup & Hair: Alexandra Wharton Stylist: Kathryn Blom for LJS Styling Choreographer: James Deane Geek: Kyle Legacy Dancers: Iwalani Lawton Courtney-Jane Polder Georgia Punchard Nicole Vella Models: Erynne Alvaro Romina Aranzola Hailey Jade Ronia Massaquoi Brittany Scrivner Many Thanks to: Jeep Management Manhattan Superbowl Luke Nutley Digital Logic