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The Secret to Mastering the Handgun (uncut version)

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We show you the science of why handgun shooting is difficult and the REAL solution to effective handgun accuracy. Learn the secret to mastery that others don't understand. It's NOT the usual orthodoxy of grip, sight-picture or trigger control. Get 'red-pilled' on the handgun. Got questions? Want more details on our methods? Visit our website: or e-mail: [email protected] NOTE : Intelligent comments are welcome. We intend the comments for constructive Q & A and to provide useful information. Disrespectful, dimwitted, argumentative, incoherent or profanity-laced comments will be removed. Complaints about the content should be directed to the person who forced you to watch the video. We like the video just the way it is and we aren't going to change it. We don't debate the science, methods or political viewpoints in this video, because: 1.) Science and political reality is, what it is. 2.) Our methods are well-tested and really work. 3.) The phrase: 'radical pro-gun, constitutional conservative' is not a reference to party politics. 4.) We take no responsibility for any butt-hurt that may result from watching this video. 5.) We are busy people and have more productive things to do. If you believe that defending the Second Amendment, based it's original intent, is an offensive political message - then you live the WRONG country. MAGA : Make America Gun-friendly Again