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GIANT CHUPA CHUPS LOLLIPOPS vs. TOY! Smash w/ Candy (Skylanders Imaginators Epic Unboxing Pt. 28)

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We don't just Open Toys, we smash 'em open, crack 'em open, burn 'em open, crush 'em open and tons of more ways in our Epic Unboxing series. This time we use Blow Pops & Chupa Chups to help us out. Each Chupa Chup Strawberry Giant Lollipop weights 1.6lbs!!!!!! 2,800 calories of pure sugar smashing with Slow Motion Slow Mos! The Toy is a Skylanders Imaginators Sensei by the name of Painyatta! Thumbs up and enjoy! We sure to check out our other channels too! FGTEEV Gaming FUNNEL VISION Vlogs DOH MUCH FUN Toy Fun Past Epic Unboxings: 27-PAINTBALL TIME! Balls Tear Apart Toys & Skin! SPLAT! (Superchargers Epic Splatoon Unboxing pt. 27) 26-SKYLANDER KIDS WORK OUT! Gym Weights Crush Crypt Crusher! OUCH 25-Supercharged Epic Unboxing at 120mph: 24- Golden Hot Streak DRONE Surprise: 23- King Cobra Cadabra vs. Batarang: 22- Flipwreck vs. Shipwheel: 21- Super Slow Motion Wave 4 Epic Unboxing: 20- Rocky Roll gets Rocks Rolled on him: 19- Goldilocks / Legendary Bushwack gets the AXE: 18- NITRO Head Rush In-Game Epic Unboxing (Skit): 17- Lobster Scare Prank (Winterfest Lob start): 16- Torch vs. Torch Skylanders Trap Team Battle Mode: 15- Can Wallop Fly? 14- Punk Shock Epic Unboxing: 13- Jade Fire Krackers: 12- Team vs. Trap Shadow: 11- Chuck E. Cheese Unboxes Fryno & S2 Fire Bone Hot Dog: 10- Arkeyan Crossbow Battle pack: 9- Rubble Rouser: 8- Jolly Bumble Smashed... errr... Blast (X-Mas Edition): 7- Skylanders Mega Bloks Tree Crashing: 6- Slingshot Baseball with Bouncer: 5- Full of Air Lightning Rod: 4- Stump Smashing Stump Smash: 3- Fired up Eruptor: 2- Prismed Breakage of Prism Break: 1- Drilling the Sergeant: ============================================== ►Our T-Shirts: ►Our music on iTunes: Please, Thumbs up & Subscribe! We appreciate it! :) We are a Family Channel dedicated to Skylanders! - The Skylander Boy and Girl ============================================== LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Royalty Free Music & Content by