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Plan-Z - White Day Freestyle [ Official Music Video ] | 白色情人节

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Plan-Z - White Day Freestyle (Official Music Video) #whitedayfreestyle #planz #chineserap #白色情人节 Artist Contact: ▶ Instagram: ▶ Wiebo: @PlanZ [ Lyrics ] I been on overtime I know this song for u prolly already been overdue So I been writing here overnight so I can make it right Put my thoughts Into you I wanna make it simple , picking my shots ain’t trying to Overshoot Lucky to have U in my movie, Im not gon be stupid to cast them girls Over you Nah U something special. reminds me my first instrumental Woo I can’t wait to Lay it down ,even we still fuckin out there in jungle U been there thru all my Ups and downs Dial in number whenever I’m Not around Don’t be too scared if the feeling been faded It always gon coming back go check in that Lost and found now All Those other bitches got me feeling like I’m playing chess Coming up with all those bullshit outta no where only gon add up my stress I got one Button to press but u know me enough so u never attempt it Enlighten the path pull me outta depression You are like Ayesha Cuz I Balling like steph ********** ` TiV Productions Producer: Marketing Manager / Digital Coordinator: Coffee and Banana: Instagram: Follow Us on Spotify: