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This Is What It's Really Like To Work As A Disney Princess

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Working as a Disney princess sounds like a job straight out of a fairytale. But there's a lot more to the position than you would think. Here's what some workers have revealed about what it's really like to play Disney royalty at a theme park. If you’re auditioning to become a Disney Parks princess, you should know that you might have to start at the bottom before you make it to the top. While the standard audition process for other productions usually involves learning lines and mannerisms specific to one character, your audition to play a Disney princess is actually your audition to play any of Disney’s many beloved characters. In other words, even if you ace your audition, you might not become royalty right away. As a former Disney princess explained in a Reddit AMA, "You do not have any say in what character they fit you in." The overall process can be pretty brutal as well. An anonymous woman who once portrayed Rapunzel at Disney World spoke to Insider about her experience, revealing surprising details about her audition process. The former Disney princess, who asked to be called Brianna Smith, said, "There were about 500 of us, and they divide you into rooms of 50. Then they line you up in rows of 10 and study your features. It was pretty unnerving. Then, after all of that they said 'we just need Brianna Smith, thank you.' And just like that all 49 other girls were eliminated." Watch to learn more about what it's really like to work as a Disney princess! #Disney #DisneyParks #DisneyPrincesses Tough audition process | 0:15 Size matters | 1:19 Picture perfect princess | 2:10 Bring on the tears | 3:12 "Princess school" is a thing | 3:53 Weird rules | 4:37 Brush up on your improv | 5:21 Be prepared for creeps | 6:11 First comes fur | 6:51 Bad reputation | 7:56 Jumping from character to character | 9:04 Vocal training is a must | 10:04