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Knuckles & Rouge Compilation - Sonic X

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Literally all moments that have Knuckles and Rouge arguing, fighting, talking, or even talking about each other whilst apart. It's a lot but it was worth it. Can you see the character development? I plan to make more of these with Sonamy, Tailsmo, Shadouge, and other ships from the games as well. But for now, my personal favorite. .:Episode list:. Season 1 13. "After the Attack on Eggman's Base" ("Beating Eggman (Part 2)") "Egguman Kichi Sōkōgeki! (Kōhen)" (エッグマン基地 総攻撃! (後編)) 17. "Knuckles! Clenched Fists of Anger" ("The Adventures of Knuckles & Hawk") "Nakkuruzu! Ikari no Tekken" (ナックルズ! 怒りの鉄拳) 23. "Mayhem! 6 Chaos Emeralds" ("Emerald Aniversary") "Daikonran! Shikkusu Kaosu Emerarudo" (大混乱! 6カオスエメラルド) Season 2 33. "The Secret of Project Shadow" ("Project: Shadow") "Purojekuto Shadō no Nazo" (プロジェクトシャドウの謎) 36. "Threat From Outer Space" ("Shadow World") "Uchū kara no Kyōhaku" (宇宙からの脅迫) 37. "Space Colony ARK Battle" ("Robotnik's Revenge") "Supēsu Koronī Āku no Tatakai" (スペースコロニーアークの戦い) 38. "Maria's Request, Everyone's Request" ("Showdown in space") "Maria no Negai, Minna no Negai" (マリアの願い, みんなの願い) 39. "The Chaotix Detective Agency" ("Defective Detectives") "Kaotikusu Tantai Jimusho" (カオティクス探偵事務所) 41. "We Can See the Light!!" ("Eggman For President") "Hikari o Warera ni!!" (光をわれらに!!) 45. "Sonic Battle - Face Off!!" ("Prize Fights") "Sonikku Batoru - Kaisai!!" (ソニックバトル開催!!) 46. "Sonic Battle - Finale!!" ("A Wild Win") "Sonikku Batoru - Kesshō!!" (ソニックバトル決勝!!) 47. "Decisive Battle on the Equator!!" ("Map Of Mayhem") "Ido Zero Daikessen" (緯度0大決戦!!) 48. "Sonic VS Monster from the Underground" ("The Volcanic Venture") "Sonikku tai Chiteikaijū" (ソニック対地底怪獣) 50. "Morning of Farewells" ("Running Out Of Time") "Wakare no Asa" (別れの朝) 52. "Memories of the Wind" ("A New Start") "Kaze no Omoide" (風の思い出) Season 3 54. "The Spaceship Blue Typhoon" ("Cosmic Crisis") "Uchūsen Burū Taifūngō" (宇宙船ブルータイフーン号) 56. "Dr. Eggman Joins the War!" ("An Enemy In Need") "Dr. Egguman Sansen!" (Dr.エッグマン参戦!) 57. "The Battle on the Ice Palace" ("A Chilling Discovery") "Aisu Paresu no Tatakai" (アイスパレスの戦い) 61. "The Metarex Battleship Attacks!" ("Ship of Doom") "Metarekkusu Senkan Shūrai!" (メタレックス戦艦襲来!) 65. "The Chaotix's Electric Shock Love Tactics" ("Mission: Match up") "Kaotikusu Dengeki Raburabu Dai Sakusen" (カオティクス電撃ラブラブ大作戦) 73. "Shadow the Assassin!" ("The Cosmo Conspiracy") "Asashin Shadō!" (暗殺者シャドウ!) 74. "The Lost Planet" "Rosuto Puranetto" (ロスト・プラネット) 75. "The Day of the Plantations" "Mori-ka no Hi" (森化の日 76. "Battle! Dark Oak" ("The Light in the Darkness") "Kessen! Dāku Ōku" (決戦!ダーク・オーク) 77. "For Your Sake, I Can Do It" ("A Fearless Friend") "Kimi no Tame ni Dekiru Koto" (君のためにできること) 78. "The Place where Planets are Born" ("So Long Sonic") "Hoshi no Umareru Tokoro" (星の生まれるところ)