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The Fight for Sawmill

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Nope, I ain't dead! And I'm now bringing you what a lot of you have been asking for. Enjoy :) VISUAL ASSETS LINKS: Enhanced TF2 Scout: Mannish Boy (old version): Manninsh Boy (new version): Enhanced Default Scout Hat: Scout Pilgrim Pants: Enhanced Heavy: Shirtless / Nude TF2 Heavy: Ursa Major: The Enhanced Engineer: Lone Rider: Colt SAA for Engineer: Stylish Spy: Water/Blood/Liquid Droplet: Posable SMG: Pooling Blood Animated Prop: HD bullets: Gobo Essentials: Team Fortress Trucks Enhanced: Editable Computer Screens" by Detonatress ( Wine Glass Prop: R234's Enhanced TF2 Weapons: TF2 Female Scout: Femscout's Enhanced Eyes: Thirsty Ranger: Very Useful Panel: Tattoo designs from and ( ) MUSIC LISTING: 0:15 : Threatening Short (Half-Life) 0:40 : Drums and Riffs (Half-Life) 1:07 : Nuclear Mission Jam (Half-Life) 2:25 : Dark Energy (Half-Life 2) 3:38 : You're Not Supposed to Be Here (Half-Life 2) 6:08 : Mistake the Getaway (Kevin MacLeod) 7:14 : Reign Supreme (Kevin MacLeod) 7:22 : Evening of Chaos (Kevin MacLeod) 8:06 : The Escalation (Kevin MacLeod) 8:23 : Redletter (Kevin MacLeod) 9:07 : Spider Eyes (Kevin MacLeod) 9:37 : Exit the Premises (Kevin MacLeod) LEGAL STUFF: Created using Source Filmmaker by Valve Corporation Valve Corporation's policy on use of their assets: "Evening of Chaos", "Exit the Premises", "Mistake the Getaway", "Redletter", "Reign Supreme", "Spider Eyes", "The Escalation" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0