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Vigilance Elite - 10 Survival Tips You Don't Know from Navy SEALs

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Former Navy SEALs Shawn Ryan of Vigilance Elite and Jeff Reid (Alaskan Dog Musher) of Frozen Trident Kennel talk about 10 suvival tips that you don't know. 10 tips that don't necessarily have a genre and we don't hear about that often. This is the first of many videos that belong to the "Vigilance Elite -Alaska Survival Series". Shawn Ryan and Jeff Reid will cover many more topics in the coming weeks that have to do with outdoors survival. Comment below on what you thought about the video and please subscribe and share the videos on social media. You can find Jeff Reid at: Website - Instagram - #SHOOTERREADY #SHAWNRYAN #VIGILANCEELITE Vigilance Elite/Shawn Ryan Links: Website - Instagram - - Patreon - Amazon - Facebook - - Twitter - Full30 - Linked In -