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Barbie & Ken Morning Routine! Play cleaning dream house bedroom with dolls Washing machine & vacuum

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Barbie & Ken clean dreamhouse in morning routine. Barbie cleans bedroom and baby bedroom. Ken cleans kitchen and washes dishes. Barbie cleans living room and puts clothes in closet. Ken washes clothes in washing machine. Barbie helps baby doll clean her bedroom and put toys away. Ken vacuums house and Barbie feeds baby. Barbie and Ken clean dollhouse and play with baby. Kids play house with dolls and baby dolls. Barbie morning routine with dolls. SunshineSprinkles channel makes kid friendly and fun videos for kids and children of all ages. Pretend play with dolls, Barbie, American Girl, baby dolls, Chelsea, Anna, Elsa, Baby Alive, Baby born, Anya, Elsia, Annabelle and we make fun parody and fun stories for kids and families to watch together! Toy Sets in this Video Barbie Dreamhouse Barbie Totally Real Dollhouse Barbie dolls Ken doll Barbie Cleaning Barbie Pets