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Masego - Black Love (audio)

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Masego - Black Love (audio) From Masego's debut album, 'Lady Lady,' out now: Stream: Old Age ft. SiR (Official Video) out now: Follow Masego: Lyrics: Seems to me we've reached that special day. My breathing is slowed when I'm around you, I can't help it. Feelin bliss so pure. (Music change) I know it feels like you can't put in words That ring it sings to me a golden tune. It glistens and shines to show the world Our love is true Today I see sound (music change up) I know it to be true Our colors blend [Dah dah dah Chorus] Your dress it brings me to a time of class. You're so elegant, your skin it's shining melanin. We are King & Queen. (Music change up) I see the next 1 thousand years with you The smiles worn by both our families They can see the power in our new found unity. One day we'll create Additions in the images of we. [Dah dah dah Chorus] [sax solo]