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Powerlifter VS Bodybuilder - STRENGTH WARS 2k16 #25

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Powerlifter THE FACELESS gets challenged by Bodybuilder PHIL BANE in the last episode of STRENGTH WARS 2k16. ► LATEST EPISODE: ► SUBSCRIBE: ► FACEBOOK: ► INSTAGRAM: ► SHOP: ►Phil Bane on YouTube: Here we go in STRENGTH WARS 2k16 - Powerlifter VS Bodybuilder with the following run: BENCH PRESS 170kg / 374lbs 10 reps PRESS BEHIND NECK 100kg / 220lbs 15 reps DEADLIFT 200kg / 440lbs 15 reps WATCH NEXT: Daniel Gildner VS Romano Rengel: Powerbuilder VS Gymnast: ► STRENGTH WARS LEAGUE 2k17 playlist: ► STRENGTH WARS 2k17 playlist: ► STRENGTH WARS 2k16 playlist: ► STRENGTH WARS 2k15 playlist: ► TOURNAMENTS & DEATHMATCHES: So you're a tough guy? PROVE IT! Compete in STRENGTH WARS LEAGUE! Contact us via FACEBOOK: